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“The Birthday of the Infanta promises to have many happy returns.”
- Time Magazine

“Resonances I is an environmental spectacular… with towering sonorities.”
- Providence Journal

“Fanfare For Kennedy Center mingles bright, arching proclamation and squalling dissonance that is specific, original and attractive...a winner.”
- Tim Page, Washington Post

“Nelson’s music is ingeniously and beautifully crafted.. that rarest of animals, contemporary music that is intelligently woven, fresh, audience-friendly and life-enhancing.”
- Lawrence Johnson, Chicago Tribune

“What is Man? Is a powerful dramatic work [which] runs practically the entire gamut of human emotion.”
- The Choral Journal

“Nelson’s music speaks fluently and forthrightly to basic human emotions of anticipation, celebration, reconciliation, and ultimately transcendence.”
- Paul A. Snook, Fanfare Magazine

“Nelson writes some of the most exuberant music for band ever composed.”
- American Record Guide

“Savannah River Holiday is a sonic blockbuster.”
- Audio Review

“Chaconne (In Memoriam) is an absolute masterpiece of band writing.”
- Drake the Bandmaster WWUH

“Prayer of Emperor… unique, powerful, and sensational work.”
- Pan Pipes

“Holidays and Epiphanies is a collection of Nelson’s most infectious music. Prepare to bring down the walls.”
- Randy A. Salas Fanfare Magazine

“… Wyeth pieces… vivid programmatic tapestry of compelling music.”
- New Grove Dictionary

“… his choral works generate immediate appeal and involvement.”
- Diapason

“Nelson is spiritually, musically, and artistically gifted far beyond the prevailing standards of our time. Something terribly great runs through much of his music.”
- Thor Johnson, conductor

“… the most exciting event of the year for students and faculty alike. By far the most memorable experience these students are likely to have in their college years.”
- Sam Houston University

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